Car Dashboard Cameras Installed By ASE Certified Mechanics In Elizabeth Pa

Elizabeth Auto Care professionally installs dash cams in most cars, trucks, vans, and suv’s using the most trusted name in electronics – Anker! Our highly experienced mechanics will install your new windshield mounted traffic camera using high quality parts and factory approved procedures that won’t impact your factory warranty.

Why every car should have a dash cam installed

Let’s face it; there’s a lot of crazy drivers out there running around Pittsburgh! And if you’re like most of our customers here in Elizabeth Pa, you spend a ton of time in your vehicle every day. Doesn’t it make sense to have the security and protection of an always on HD quality camera recording every mile you drive? You just never know what could happen in the blink of an eye.

Happens In An Instant…

Someone could pull out of a parking lot right in front of you on the road without stopping or looking. If you hit them from behind it’s your fault, unless there’s proof of their recklessness. Or just imagine you rear end a car that just stopped in the middle of the road for no apparent reason. You’d swear you didn’t see any brake lights, and after hitting them all the lights are now broken. But a dash cam would have recorded their faulty brake lights (yes it happens) BEFORE the accident occurred.

Road Rage is real!

Expert Dash Cam Installation Elizabeth Pa Elizabeth Auto Care

Expert Dash Cam Installation

You see all these stories out there on the news about road rage these days. Tempers can flare and things get out of control sometimes, and when it’s all said and done with no eyewitnesses it turns into a he said, she said situation. But a dash cam recording of what really happened could tip the scales in your favor.

Car versus Pedestrian

What if someone stepped off the curb right in front of your car. You know they weren’t looking at anything but their cell phone, and now it’s your fault because you hit them. But if you had video proof of their negligence…

It happened to me too

Several years back, I personally had a very unfortunate accident thrust upon me and my family while driving home from a very nice weekend away at our country property. As we were driving on a back road in a small town, a young teenager riding a dirt bike, all of a sudden darted onto the road in front of my fully loaded truck. I literally stood on the brake pedal trying to get that truck to stop in time, but as my bumper got within inches of his back tire it became frightfully clear we were going to hit this young boy at speed.

When my truck did hit the rear tire of that dirt bike, it shot that kid across the road into oncoming traffic. Imagine the horror of that situation for everyone involved. The young teenager suddenly realizing his mortality. Me the driver, an unwilling participant in this freak occurrence. And the driver of the car coming the other direction, in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Had there not been eyewitnesses right there near me watching and willing to tell the police that it really wasn’t my fault, that day could have turned out very bad for me and my family. As it happened, no one was seriously hurt. But I’m sure you would agree, having video proof in a horrible situation like that would be a huge advantage in our very litigious society.

Could a dash cam help a teen driver stay safe?

With an always recording dash board camera, it’s easy to check up on your new drivers in the family when they’re on the road without you. Watch your recorded car video footage to find out:

  • How close they follow behind other cars
  • Where they’ve been travelling to using the GPS mapping built in
  • Their speed habits
  • Even listen to the audio if you want to find out how their friends are behaving in the car

I know, it sounds like you’re spying on them. But if you could correct a dangerous driving condition BEFORE it becomes a habit and a safety issue, well I think that’s time and money well spent.

What’s the best car dash camera to buy

Anyone who’s known me for any length of time understands that I research everything I buy! That’s just one advantage of being an Elizabeth Auto Care customer. And with all the car video cameras out there to choose from today, that can be a mountain of research and testing. Well, I did my research and tested as well so you don’t have to. I’m very comfortable recommending a particular product line by a company called Anker because that’s the one I use in my own vehicles.

Sure there’s cheaper ones, and ones that do more for twice the price. The truth is, you can get lost in reading all the reviews and looking at all the features available. I’ve narrowed the search down to a very well made product with an excellent warranty that does just what you need, very well – records the road!

No cheap bargain basement garbage here – our high quality Dash Cameras come with an exclusive full 1 year warranty on both parts & labor! We’ve got you covered…

Watch the video below to see some actual dash cam footage from my truck

Check out some of the features listed below to see if this car video camera would serve your needs too:

  • Very discreet windshield mount hidden behind the rear view mirror – you won’t even know it’s there
  • Metal camera enclosure to stand up to both extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Touch screen controls just like your cell phone has
  • Removable 32GB Micro SD card holds around 5 hours of recordings, easily upgraded to up to 128GB later if needed
  • Automatically turns on & records every time you start your vehicle – you don’t need to do anything but drive
  • Extra wide viewing angle records up to 4 lanes of traffic on either side of you
  • Parked mode monitors vehicle motion & records 30 seconds of video in case someone hits you
  • In car audio recording can be turned on or off
  • Loop recording feature simply overwrites oldest video on memory card when full
  • Retrieve recordings via free App on smart phone or using easily removable Micro SD card to watch on computer

Dash Camera Installation

Most places that install traffic recording cameras take the easy way out and use the usb power port to plug it in. Leaving a messy clutter of wires always hanging out of your dash. The biggest problem with using the usb port to power the dash camera is the fact that those plugs always slowly work their way out of the accessory port and before you know it your camera isn’t working. That’s not set it and forget it! Or maybe someone unplugged the camera to charge their cell phone and it never got plugged back in.

When we install your new dash cam, we’ll discreetly run the power and ground wires behind the interior panels and into your dash board. You’ll never see them! Then we hard wire them into your electrical wiring system so it’s truly connected every time you start your car. And all connections are made the right way;  by soldering and sealing the wires properly instead of those unreliable ‘quickie’ plastic crimp connectors that always fail (we replace them all the time from other installers). Nothing to think about for you the driver, just start it up and drive knowing your vehicle camera is ALWAYS on and recording.

Plus, we’ll mount your new dash cam to the windshield out of the way behind your rear view mirror, using the best 3M adhesive. No unreliable suction cups that always fall off when it’s hot in the summer or cold in the winter. It’s important to place the new device so the light from the camera doesn’t distract you while driving at night. And the best place to do that is behind the mirror and within the cleaning area of the wiper blades for clear recording even in the rain – if it will fit.

But one problem with choosing that location is those little black dots most windshield manufacturers are putting on these days to shade some of the sun. Suction cups won’t stick there! That’s why it’s so important to use a quality adhesive mount that can be placed exactly where it needs to be.

Tech Set Up Done-For-You

When Elizabeth Auto Care installs your new car dashcam, we’ll handle all of the Hi-Tech set up for you. No need to worry about all those confusing options. We know what needs done, and will ask you the important questions so you don’t have to worry about what goes where. We’ll even help you set up the free App on your phone if you like. Your new dash video recorder will be truly turn the key and go – It doesn’t get much easier than that!

The Best Buy in Dash Cams

The absolute best one to have is the one that’s installed and working when you need it to! The longer you wait and ponder the options could mean not being protected in a worst case scenario. Don’t suffer from ‘Paralysis by Analysis’, let us help you with our decades of auto repair experience.

I’m so confident in my choice of the best video recorder for your car that we’ll stand behind the manufacturers warranty of 1 year, and take it one step further. We’ll back up your new dash camera with an outstanding 1 year warranty for the camera itself including labor. So if you have any dash camera problems in the first year, there’s no need to be without it waiting for the manufacturer to send you a new one. We’ll give you one right away and then send yours back ourselves. That’s as worry free as a warranty can get! The Micro SD card is considered a wear item and may need periodic replacement depending on use.

We’ve taken all the hard work out of choosing the best dash cam for your needs, so if you’re looking for the best buy in dash cam installation near me in Elizabeth Pa, you’ve come to the right place. Our front and/or rear facing car video dashboard cameras are reliable and surprisingly affordable.

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