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Looking for a good mechanic in Elizabeth Pa?

Master mechanic Dave Striegel explains the top 3 things to look for when you’re searching for a good mechanic.

When you’re looking for a good mechanic to work on your vehicle in the areas surrounding Elizabeth Pa like West Elizabeth, Jefferson Hills, Clairton, McKeesport, Glassport, Lincoln, Buena Vista, Forward Township and Boston; there’s 3 things you should always keep in mind to weed out the good from the not so good. Just like doctors, lawyers, plumbers and electricians there’s always some professionals that are more experienced and qualified than the others. The key is to know exactly what to look for so you can avoid any heartache that comes with finding the best choice for your needs.

The first thing to look for in a good mechanic is ASE Master Certification. One of the little known dirty secrets in Pennsylvania is, mechanics don’t need any kind of certification to practice in our state. So any one with a pulse and a set of tools can call themselves an automotive mechanic or technician and open a repair shop in your neighborhood.

Only the better, more qualified and highly experienced mechanics will voluntarily go through all the trouble of proper training, studying, and passing of stringent tests to prove that they are not only capable of working on your valuable vehicle; but will perform the repairs within proper guidelines to keep your family and ours safe on the road. Just like you would want a board certified doctor to perform your surgical procedures, look for ASE Certified Master Mechanics to perform your car repairs and you can find 3 of them right here at Elizabeth Auto Care.

The second thing to look for in a good mechanic is that they are a AAA Approved auto repair facility. AAA has long been known as a trusted authority when it comes to keeping your family safe on the road, so it makes perfect sense to look for an auto repair facility that has their endorsement by finding the familiar logo on their sign out front.

Elizabeth Mechanics and the AAA Designation

The AAA sign is really hard to come by because AAA is really picky about which mechanics they will allow to be in their network. The vetting process each shop has to go through is so difficult, only a select few are actually qualified to uphold their high standards. And with good reason because they’ve worked very hard to attain that level of trust in our country, and they can’t afford to risk their reputation by recommending their members visit a repair shop that might not perform up to their standards.

The third quality trait to look for in a good mechanic is one that can provide a written nation wide parts and labor warranty for qualified repairs. That’s really important when you consider how inconvenient it could be when out of the area if a previous repair might turn into an unexpected problem like on a vacation to the beach. New parts can and do fail all the time, so having the peace of mind that a 24 month and 24,000 mile nation wide warranty can provide is priceless.

No need to worry about paying for the repairs again and hoping you can get reimbursed by the shop that performed the service the first time. With our NAPA Auto Care partnership, you can rest easy knowing that a simple phone call will get you to one of our over 12,000 nation wide facilities that will quickly and easily perform those needed repairs, and take care of getting the parts and labor covered for you. With a trusted name like NAPA backing you up all over this country, that’s peace of mind!

When you visit Elizabeth Auto Care, you will always find ASE Certified Master Mechanics ready to service your maintenance and repair needs professionally and with the highest quality parts, backed by our NAPA Auto Care nation wide peace of mind warranty for 24 months and 24,000 miles for all qualified repairs. And with the the added bonus of AAA approval and our free loaner car program, you’ll be driving your family safely and with confidence every time you stop in for service.


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