Lovedale Rd Closing in Elizabeth TWP

Official Construction Plans For #LovedaleBridge Project 2019

Official Construction Plans For #LovedaleBridge Project 2019

Lovedale Rd is scheduled to close AGAIN for a bridge replacement between Elizabeth Auto Care and Hydro Tech during the Summer of 2019.

As part of Pennsylvania’s Rapid Bridge Replacement project, this small bridge will require both lanes to close during the process. The reason for the need to close both lanes is that these projects are utilizing a form of prefab structure that is ordered well before the bridge is to be replaced. They then dig out the old bridge, set the new supports in the ground and move in the new structure where it can then be surfaced to match the existing road. Read More

Engine Diagnose Repair Replace

Having Engine Problems – Not Sure What To Do?

If you have a problem with your vehicles engine near me in Elizabeth Pennsylvania, you can trust the expert mechanics at Elizabeth Auto Care to give you all the information that allows you to make the best decision for your car or truck. Our experience has shown that it’s always smart to first diagnose, then repair or replace before jumping to any potentially expensive conclusions.

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Winter Is Coming!

Winter Is Coming Elizabeth Auto Care Tires Batteries Antifreeze Wiper Blades Elizabeth Pa

Are Your Vehicles Ready For Winter?

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#LovedaleBridge Party

Road Open Party Elizabeth Auto Care Pinnacle Auto Repair Shop Elizabeth Pa

Lovedale Rd Is Open…

And we’re having a PARTY to celebrate!!!

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Check Engine Light Engine Performance Diagnosis Elizabeth Pa

When Engine Performance Problems Go Beyond Check Engine Light Diagnostic Equipment In Elizabeth Pa

There are many things that can cause your car to not start or perform poorly that may or may not illuminate your check engine light. Weather, rust, corrosion and even critters like rodents can cause a whole host of drive ability problems that no computer will detect. Read More

Turbo Repair

Turbo Repair Service Elizabeth Pa

Turbo Charger Repair in Elizabeth Pa

In an effort to improve fuel economy, Auto manufacturers have turned to Turbo Chargers to meet the tough new Government standards. From less than 7% of all vehicles sold in 2011, to over 35% of all vehicles sold; Turbos have definitely taken hold in the United States.

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Hot Dog Day

Elizabeth Auto Care Supports Blaine Hill VFC Hot Dog Days 2017

Elizabeth Auto Care Hot Dog Day

Elizabeth Auto Care owners Dave & Lisa Striegel hold an annual ‘Hot Dog Day’ event and fund raiser in their auto repair shop parking lot with free food and drinks. Wednesday July 19th 11:30 am-4 pm

And this year Blaine Hill VFC will be their special beneficiary of all donations received at this ‘Frankfurters for Firefighters’ event. There will be prizes, giveaways, free food & drinks along with fun fire safety exercises for the kids. Plus, Elizabeth Auto Care will match up to $500 in direct donations for the Blaine Hill Volunteer Fire Company. So come out to support these brave volunteers that help keep Elizabeth safe! Read More

Why Kia Auto Repair Service in Elizabeth PA

Kia Auto Repairs

Kia auto repair, maintenance and service when you need it most. If you live in the greater Elizabeth PA area and own a Kia, then you need to see us at Elizabeth Auto Care. We offer the best in Kia car repair and maintenance that will help you get the most out of your investment and keep you driving safely down the road. But, there’s more to the great service we provide… Read More

Honda Auto Repair Service and Maintenance in Elizabeth PA

Honda Auto Repair in Elizabeth PA

The best Honda auto repair can be found at Elizabeth Auto Care. We are your Honda specialists in the greater Elizabeth PA area offering top quality car repair and maintenance services for your Honda car, truck, or SUV and here’s why… Read More

Jeep Auto Repair Service Made Affordable in Elizabeth PA

Jeep Auto Repairs Elizabeth PA

For those who want the best Jeep auto repair service and maintenance in the greater Elizabeth, PA area, there is only one auto repair shop that offers the knowledge, experience, and factory warranty approved parts to do the job right. Elizabeth Auto Care is the service facility you can trust to take care of your Jeep vehicle. Read More