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Auto Electrical Repair

Auto Electrical Repair

When it comes to auto electrical repair and maintenance, your vehicle depends on a properly working car electrical system, and our Elizabeth Auto Care ASE Certified mechanics are the perfect choice when you need any electrical repair & diagnosis in Elizabeth Pa!

Auto Electrical Repair of System Problems: Diagnosed

When a vehicle electrical problem is troubling your daily driver, it’s very important that you can explain it accurately to our mechanic. The more information you can supply, the faster we can diagnose and repair your cars electrical problem. Remember, time is money and we want to make sure you get the most value from your car, truck, SUV or van electrical repairs.

So when you are having vehicle electrical issues, pay particular attention to when the symptoms are appearing. Can you make the problem happen for us? What driving conditions are you in; rain, accelerating, braking, using power accessories like air conditioner or interior lights. All of these little clues will help us get to the root cause of your electric problems and fix them fast. No observation is too small, this includes noting whether the problem happens intermittently or all of the time and whether there have been recent repairs somewhere else.

Electrical System Services

Your car electrical system is very sophisticated and full of computer control devices these days. It covers everything in your car that needs electrical power to operate as well as the components that power it, like the battery and charging system. This could be anything from the simple dashboard lights to complex computer systems that control safety and security features like Anti theft, keyless entry, automatic braking ABS systems, Tire Pressure Monitors, Air Bags, Ignition control systems, Entertainment systems, Lighting systems, Traction Control, All Wheel Drive AWD systems, Heating & Air Conditioning systems, and even electric power steering.

What drives your automotive electrical system:

Batteries: Whether or not your car is a hybrid electric, your vehicle’s battery provides the electricity needed to start the engine as well as power all the electrical accessories. We recommend checking your battery with every visit to your mechanic, and when you have your services done at Elizabeth Auto Care we will check it automatically every time just to be safe. Even if your battery test comes out fine, we still recommend you replace it every four years to prevent an emergency situation.

Starter Motor: Your starter motor converts the stored electrical energy from your battery into mechanical energy used to turn over your engine. It all begins with once you turn your ignition key or push the start button, the starter cranks the engine to start your vehicle. Since your car starter draws a large amount of power from your battery, if there is going to be a warning sign of an electrical problem this is when it will give you some clues. If you notice any new noises or that it seems to be cranking slower than normal, let us know right away to prevent a no start condition that could leave you stranded.

Auto Electrical Repair
Your Alternator Supplies Power To Charge The Battery

Alternator: After your engine starts, your alternator takes over and begins to replace the power lost from the starter engagement, provides power for the electrical system and recharges the battery. The electric system runs headlamps, light bulbs, radio and other electrical accessories. Your vehicles electrical system is designed to sense these loads and ramp up the charging rate to match the needs of your vehicle. So when it comes to alternator repair, it’s important to first diagnose the problem to make sure you don’t replace a good alternator. There are many problems that may look like a bad charging system, but the actual cause may be far from it.

Wiring: The wiring in your cars electrical system is vast and complex as it connects the battery to the starter motor, the alternator to the battery, and runs the entire length of the vehicle to power every electrical circuit available. The very large battery cables transmit several hundred amps of current during cranking, and the smallest wires may only carry milliamps of current to sensitive computer systems and sensors.

As with all electrical problems, our expert mechanics are trained to inspect the basics first. It all starts with the battery and wiring systems to diagnose an electrical problem quickly and properly. Many electrical problems can be signaled by a warning light on your dashboard that may alert us to where your issue began. If you notice any warning lamps illuminated on the dash while driving, let us know right away so we can get to the bottom of it.

Auto electrical repair and diagnosis in Elizabeth Pa is easy when you bring your vehicle to Elizabeth Auto Care. Our experienced mechanics will find and fix your problem quickly and with as little expense as possible to keep your family on the road and on budget!

Call (412) 384-7700, Text (412) 879-0171 or Email us to schedule your appointment or ask any questions you may have about auto electrical repair.

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