274 Lovedale Rd

Elizabeth, PA 15037


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5 thoughts on “Lovedale Rd Closing in Elizabeth TWP

  1. Tim lutz

    When is reopening date

  2. Connie Andres

    Dave, try to get in touch with Marty Griffin, KDKA TV, “Get Marty”. He seems to be able to resolve issues such as this. Goo luck.

  3. Jon Golashewski

    Any update on this road reopenong? Such a MAJOR inconvenience!!!!!! Let’s get our s_ _ _ together and get this arterie back open. My township taxes were paid long ago as well as others. Money shouldn’t be a factor.

    • De Codispoti

      Our Hard earned Tax Dollars at work…or should I say “HARDLY WORKING”…You have the “Water company” working at a “SNAIL’S” speed and does not care WHO or HOW LONG this inconvenience is!

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