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Turbo Charger Repair in Elizabeth Pa

In an effort to improve fuel economy, Auto manufacturers have turned to Turbo Chargers to meet the tough new Government standards. From less than 7% of all vehicles sold in 2011, to over 35% of all vehicles sold; Turbos have definitely taken hold in the United States.

Some of the advantages of a Turbo engine are:

  • Reduced weight due to smaller engine size
  • More power than a larger engine can provide
  • Improved fuel economy

Many vehicles are now coming with an engine option that includes Turbo Chargers, and Ford has expanded their truck line to include a twin Turbo option with their Eco-Boost system.

The old days of noisy Turbos are gone, as well as the ‘Turbo Lag’ that plagued drivers so many years before. Modern Turbos have integrated computer controlled systems that keep the Turbo spooled up most of the time so that when you step on the gas pedal the acceleration is fast and impressive – no more lag or delay in power.

Special Care For Your Turbo

But keeping your Turbo Charged engine running well and relatively maintenance free does require some additional care. Since most Turbos these days are using the engine oil to help them stay cool and lubricated, it’s important to make sure you change your oil every 3,000 – 4,000 miles in the Pittsburgh Pa and Elizabeth areas. The oil is running through an extremely hot Turbo unit that can bake the lubricant and cause it to harden, causing restrictions of the oil passages much like plaque in your arteries can form. So it’s important to keep the oil change interval around 3,00 miles to replenish the detergents in the engine oil to keep those passages running clean.

Turbo Repair Service Elizabeth Pa

This 55,000 Mile Turbo Suffered From Extreme Heat Damage

Another important step to a long lived Turbo system is to allow it to cool down by idling the engine before you shut off the key. Running up hills and putting the engine under stress causes the Turbo charger to run faster and hotter. Shutting it off while its in this super heated state can cause the unit to crack and increase the likely hood of the engine oil trapped in the cooler lines to bake. So before you shut down the engine, let it idle for 30-60 seconds to allow the Turbo to cool down a bit.

In the old days, cars with Turbo Charged engines were exotic and rare. Today it’s not uncommon for subcompact cars and even full sized pick up trucks and vans to have a Turbo Charger or two  under the hood. Many drivers don’t even know if their engine is a Turbo, so if you are unsure about the car or truck you’re driving or thinking of buying feel free to ask one of our experienced mechanics here at Elizabeth Auto Care.

Driving around in the Elizabeth Pa area with a Turbo Charger does require some special care and an experienced Turbo mechanic to service them. You will find both of these at your neighborhood auto repair shop Elizabeth Auto Care.


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